Several Benefits of RFID Payment

admin / November 3, 2017

Cash is old fashioned. You are able to pay your friend and even your barista by only scanning your phone, then question is arise, why should payments in the Asia events be different? As we know that there are many big events had been embraced with RFID payments. He RFID wristbands were so easy to pay with, you only need scan of your wristband then you are done. Of course, there are many event RFID payment providers had embraced RFID payment or cashless payment, one of the best is PouchNation.  You should know that PouchNation become the best one in cashless payment and bran activation provider, especially in Southeast Asia. You can check their official site to know more.

Benefits of RFID Payments

–               You can make more money

Researches shown that fans spending their time about 20% more onsite when they use RFID instead of cash. While the other researches focus on alcohol purchase, RFID also able to drive the revenue in other ways.

–               You can make great experience of seamless attendee

You do not have to pull off your wallet, counting cash or waiting your credit card to process your payment. Fans only need to pay only in simple tap of their wrist. This is make fans might prefer to get RFID payments than other ways. However, you should note that there is no credit card or cash on hand to steal, the attendees do not have to worry about theft or other thing. This is because of RFID tags are so unique and impossible to be duplicated as well, so it is totally save. If the wristband is deactivated by customer, so the cashless features also deactivated automatically as well. If the attendees forget their security umber, they are able to change it in real time, so it does not affect their experience.

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